Instagram has four main posting formats and each has their specific purpose for conveying your message to viewers. Below is a breakdown on their purposes and how they should be used.


Posts are the viewers first and lasting impression of your brand. It’s the landing page of your content with posts being the focal point of the page. From here, viewers can scroll through historical posts without having to leave the page. This is where you should predominately showcase your products or services.


Stories are moments that are meant to be 15 length sections where the viewer can watch them for 24 hours. You should think of stories as a “behind-the-scenes” of your business or brand. Stories are meant to connect with your viewers on an authentic human level and start to create a community.


Reels is a way to grow the community you’re creating around your brand. This is a great way to get creative when you showcase your brand in an entertaining way for the viewers.


Videos help you connect with your viewers with a more in-depth message. Posts, Stories and Reels have max timeline of 60 seconds, so the video function is a great way to communicate, educate and inspire your viewers when . One of the most popular uses is Instagram LIVES. You can engage with a large audience for up to 1 hour in a Q & A format, concerts, or any online event.

The Instagram community are looking to connect with you and your content. Don’t be afraid to be to give a “peak behind the curtain” to show viewers your process. What you may become complacent with, is something new to someone else. However, consider the business’s look, voice and tone when your posting content. Viewers want the experience to be authentic and not phoney.

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